2007 is a year where sponge bob filed copyright on the bionicle universe

Sets ReleasedEdit

  • Pridak, an ugly shark-faced thug
  • Kalmah, a hippy from the 60s
  • Ehlek, a punk with lots of piercings and studs in his clothes
  • Carapar, works at the Krusty Crab
  • Mantax, an extremly fat ex-sumo
  • Takadox, a creapy insect-lover
  • Nocturn, an ugly convict who likes to watch Srawberry Shortcake
  • Karzahni, an ugly little dinosour that didn't die
  • Hydraxon, a bunny lover
  • Maxilos, a stupid robot that constantly asks "DO YOU WANT A BOOGER WITH THAT?"
  • Spinax, a savage Rotwiler who dreams of being a poodle
  • Lesovikk, a hyper Toa of Burps
  • Gadunka, big mouth
  • Sarda, a lord of the rings fan
  • Idris, an ugly hotel maid who steals from the mini-bar
  • Dekar, a mutant TV that only plays High School Musical
  • Defilak, secretly supplying weapon to the Taliban
  • Morak, a cow that is so inbreed it cannot stand up
  • Thulox, a pig with no brain
  • Nuparu Mahri, a Toa who likes reading Twilight!
  • Jaller Mahri, an unpopular lover of the 'cats' musical
  • Kongu Mahri, currently in a lawsuit for having a head shaped like the character on the front cover of 'Sons of Destiny' by Darren Shan
  • Hahli Mahri, FISH WOMAN!
  • Hewkii Mahri, a mutant piece of poo
  • Matoro Mahri, cannot stop throwing up


In the 2007 story arc, the above characters chased a can into a shallow kiddie pool and started fighting until the life guard banned them from the pool because of there rough behaviour and because Ehlek peaed in the pool.

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