Antroz with guitar
Species Makuta
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi Kaka
Colors Black and Red
Element NACHOS!
  • Car theif
  • Guitarist
Tools A Guitar
Location Crushed into a small cube at the car compounder
Status Dead
Favoutie movie/Tv series Tweenies
Favourite Bands Himself
Favourite Books/Series Twilight
Pronunciation Ant-roz

Antroz was a lead guitarist in the Brotherhood of Makuta rock band. He was known to steal cars. In his life he has stolen a bike from Avak, a waja car from Thok and once beat up Kopaka and left him in a street, tied to a lamp-post while he drove off in his car.
He died when he crashed one of his stolen cars into a Matoran. Ironicly, the Matoran survived, having only gotten a graze on his knee, which made him cry.
Antroz was left dead in the car, which was then taken to an impounding lot, where he was crushed into a small cube with the car.

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