"Hey, if you don't give me Boomer, I will stick all the wrappers of chewing gum I have on you!!!!"
— Atakus to Tuma
— Atakus singing to himself before being chased by Vorox

Atakus was an Agori who always demanded chewing gum from Tuma. He particularly liked the Stone flavour. He also liked to eat Boomer. He was very dedicated to the foolish and freaking Mata Nui. Due to his dedication, Mata Nui blessed him with the element of Rock. The Order of Mata Nui has made him a member. He got angry with a member of the Order so he bit him in half. Atakus also had mental disabilities witch has taken a toll on him because of his chewing gum addiction. He usually swallows it or forgets how to chew. The Matoran Nui than ate him because he ate his bubble gum and stole his skittles.

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