The barraki are very peacful hippies, but they aren't very smart.They also have a job as being Santa's elves though they do a horrible job ,and usually end up breaking everything thing they touch.This is why Santa put them on probation.


They love to dance, although they are all too unfit and just fall over with exhaustion.Except for Pridak, who's dance moves are so awesome, that if your eyes are exposed to his awsomness ,they will melt! They like weiner dogs.


  1. Carapar AKA-The dumbest
  2. Pridak AKA-Baby shark
  3. Takadox AKA-MR.Bossy Pants
  4. Kalmah AKA-Squid face
  5. Mantax AKA-Sumo Wrestler
  6. Ehlek AKA-Grouch Man the saver of garbage
  7. Nocturn AKA-Four Arms
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