"Would you like to make pie? Guess what? I don't care if you don't want too, I"LL MAKE YOU ANYWAY!"
-Berix screaming at Scodonius because he didn't want to make pie.
Berix drooling
Species Agori
Group None
Kanohi Ploop
Colors blues
Element Drool
Occupation local idiot
Tools None
Location In his home Drooling
Status Trying to get back in to school.
Other Information
Favoutie movie/Tv series Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer
Favourite Bands Barney and friends singalong
Favourite Books/Series The three little midgets
Pronunciation Bear-ix

Berix was an Agori in the Water Tribe. He liked to slobber all over stuff. He roamed the Wastelands looking for stuff to put in his mouth. He constantly threw pie at people whenever he had the chance. He then made them go to work in a pie factory and made the do algebra with their feet. He managed to inhale 5 billion rabbits before he Farted. He found Zesk on his Door step and kep it as a slave. He tryed to get back in to school but no one liked him. So he sold his Ploop to Ackar but he still Drooled!

Berix died of heartattack while watching gay movies.

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