'Toa Lewa:" So who is this Dark lord guy again?" 

''Vizuna:" He is the evil dark lord of Okoto, wielder of the mask of ultimate power. Even his name brings fear into the hearts of mortal beings."'

''Lewa:" So what is his name then?"

''Vizuna:" Bingzak..."

''Lewa':" Wow... That got anticlimatic..." - Lewa and Vizuna

having an discussion about the dark lord Bingzak

Bingzak the dark lord 2

The dark lord Bingzak and his mask of ultimate power

Bingzak- The dark (or edge) evil lord of Okoto, and the current owner of the mask of ultimate power, which was made by Makuta to stop the evil dictator Ekimu.


He was once just a innocent, quirky (and stupid) little jungle villager. However after the big shock wave which shooked the whole island, Bingzak found the mask of ultimate power.

At that point Bingzak mostly used the mask to defeat bullies, and later on he used it to express his teenage edginess, he would later become the dark lord of Okoto (he's trying way too hard).

While both Ekimu and Makuta were asleep, Bingzak created his own empire (a.k.a the Bingzakian empire), which was filled with 24/7 edgy punk music, punks, drugs, goths, fedora athiests (a.k.a matorans that don't believe in great spirits or great beings), dark angsty poetry and edgy dark clothes (only Shadow the Hedgehog is more edgy than that). 

Many Okoto islanders hates the Bingzakian empire and think Bingzak is just trying to hard to be edgy and cool, and many islanders with such opinions were often killed. 

Bingzak the dark lord

The dark lord Bingzak in the fire region.

Not only did Bingzak make Okoto an extremely "dark and edgy" place, but he also resurrected the communist leader Kulta/skull grinder and his right hand Skull slicer through the mask of ultimate power. However Makuta later on possessed the skull army in order to stop Ekimu.

When dictator Ekimu was awaken by the power of deus ex machina, he was shocked by how Okoto had changed, he swore to kill Bingzak in the most terrifying way possible. 


As a young kid he used to be a quirky little kid, who lived in the ignorant bliss known as childhood. However as he grew older, he realised how dark and gritty the world truly was, and he then started to use the mask of ultimate power to create an empire he thought would be great to live in. When people critize him, he thinks he is just being misunderstood (some times he kills them too, because Bingzak has some serious anger issues). Bingzak is a big fan of "dark and edgy" artforms, and he considers it to be the greatest way of expressing yourself. He likes that style so much, that it has become the only style that is allowed to be presented in art.