BoM symbolThe Brotherhood of Makuta Band symbol
Brotherhood of Makuta
Brotherhood of Makuta Information
Species AffliationMakuta
AlliesDark Hunters, Visorak
EnemiesMata Nui, rest of Bionicle universe
GoalUltimately kill Mata Nui and rule the Universe through a heavy metal fist

The Brotherhood of Makuta were a heavy metal band that are trying to rule the universe like communists. They swore a lot, and you could say some had tourettes.

Their hit singles include Death to Mata Nui, Everybody Kill Mata Nui and Mata Nui is stupid...So Let's Kill Him.

Their crusade against Mata Nui thickened, and they drugged his coffee with heroin. He fell into a deep sleep, and the drug affected his brain, so he had orgasms and started to die.

The Dark Hunters raged war on the Brotherhood, because the Makuta of Metru Nui killed Nidhiki and Krekka then calling them "Stalkers, rapists and MJs".

Some time after, most of the Brotherhood invaded Karda Nui to stop the Ignika from waking Mata Nui. They turned the matoran into evil (but the Shadow matoran were getting bratty, demanding piggy-backs 24/7).

Some of the Makuta turned blind because of Mata Nui's wakening, one reason for using the Shadow matoran. They also claimed "they lost their glasses and contact lenses".

At some point in their history, Teridax managed to get 100% doing Through the Fire and Flames on expert mode on Guitar Hero III. This earned Teridax lots of money, with which he was able to buy more heroine to make Mata Nui's condition worse.


Antroz with guitar

Former membersEdit

Servants (AKA Slaves)Edit

  • Rahkshi, their "sons" of rock
  • Visorak, their pet tarantulas
  • Kraata, their drumsticks
  • Tridax, large orange balls that Makuta kept wedged in their rib cages. They used them to contain their trash and then flung them at Av-Matoran.
  • Shadow Matoran, their fans
  • Exo-Toa, their body guards, fired as the Maxilos Robots looked better.
  • Maxolos Robots, current body guards. Replaced the Exo-Toa as they looked better.


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