Chirox was a massive Play-doh lover.

Chirox was the seccond guitarist for the bortherhood of makuta rock band. He ofen wore a leather trench coat on stage with LED lights on it. When the band went on thier 2008 england tour he got the whole band in trouble by spitting on the prime minister and driving thier limo through the parliment building.

Durring thier concert, on chirox and antroz's guitar solo in the song "lets all kill mata nui" he played so high that he melted several fans faces off. After thier night out they got really wasted and ran over Hewkii in their limo.

During the years of the breakup of the band Chirox became obsessed with the idea of jumping the grand canyon in a jet powerd motor cycle. He destroyed kirop‘s IPad because Kirop destroyed his limited edition play-doh can.