"I went to see my Uncle, but he was not there, he had an operation, now he is my Aunt Claire!"
— Ehrye plagiarising Ryan Stiles's hoe-down
Species Matoran
Group The High School Musical Fan Club.
Kanohi Kaka
Colors White, grey
Element Plagiarism
Occupation Comedian.
Tools A fart gun.
Location Somewhere
Status Alive
Favoutie movie/Tv series High School Musical
Favourite Bands His farts.
Favourite Books/Series Captain Underpants
Pronunciation No one knows!

Ehrye was an extremely fast member of The Order of Hobos who couldn't think of his own jokes so he plagiarised "Whose line is it anyway?" He frequently visited Pohatu outside the Colisium and did everything he'd seen on Whose Line the night before. He is currently the janitor and fry cook at Mcdonalds. He is the creator of Thornax Stew, and has many lawsuits against him involving parasites from the stews "secret ingredient" (Vezok's poop). The stew also was the cause of the destruction of The Archives.

Attack of Ryan Stiles's minionsEdit

Ryan Stiles eventually found out he had been copying him and hired Bob the Builder, Barney, the Tweenies and the Telly-tubbies to beat Ehyre up and kidnap him. They nearly killed Ehyre but luckily he had eaten beans that morning and let rip a massive fart as La-La hit him with a brick. The fart killed Po, Tinky-winky, Mike, Jake and Bob the Builder. The others managed to escape with permenant nose and lung cancer. Though, he had to get surgery to fix his broken spine because he the fart propelled him backwards and he slammed through an entire office block and gassed everyone in it.

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