Fero was a childish cowboy 'wanna-be' who established the Bone Hunters while drunk after watching Back to the Future 3, Indiana Jones and Toy Story 4: Revenge of Woody's foot cream!

Fero used to ride a big red thing that Atakus named Skirmix after rubbing gum in Fero's face, Skirmix enjoys eating Pouks' Drugged Chickens. Pouks is very mad at Fero because of this and tried to kill Skirmix only to get shot with Thornax Stew so he got shipped to McDonalds to be served by Ehrye.

Fero and horse and matoran nui

Skirmix freaking out as Matoran Nui tries to eat his Cooked Drugged Chicken

Gear Edit

Fero wields the sword of tiny, which is why he's tiny. He also has a weapon that fires Thornax Stew that Ehrye tried to feed him.

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