"Wait... Gali is a dude?"- Kopaka


Gali ready to destroy a CIS-scum

Gali- Gali is a Toa of transexuality... *Slap* Oh yeah that's right, she's a Toa of water too. 


Originally Gali was a male bodybuilder (which explains why she is able to carry such heavy weaponry). She lived on the planet "Gluteus Maximus" where bodybuilding, and manliness was the norm. Later in Gali's life "he" felt "he" was a woman trapped inside a male body, which made "him" change gender. 

Because of the huge amount of harassment she got from the planet, she moved to the planet where that featured Okoto. There she was greeted by Kivoda, where she was mistaken for the chosen Toa of water. 

Originally Gali had voice even deeper than Toa Onua, and the voice she is doing now, is the most high-pitched she can possibly do.

Kopaka used to have a crush on Gali, untill he realized Gali in reality was a man (oh man, i must have triggered so many trans-people and feminists). 


Gali lol2

Gali making cringy puns.

"Die CIS-Scum!"-A typical comment made by Gali

When Gali isn't trying to SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAve the wooorld, she is spending atleast six hours online on Tumblr, where she is often found posting posts encouraging transexuals and feminists, or rambling against CIS-male patriarchy. Sometimes she even encouraged women, homosexuals and transgender-people to commit terrorism against the EVIIIIIIIIL CIS-Patriachy. If she is not spending time on SWJ, feminist babble, she is seen making lame puns, (especially on Toa Tahu). 

Gali still trains her body alot, and puts alot of time on training her bum, still not realising she doesn't have one. 


  • Gali knows atleast one billion genders.
  • Kopaka felt ashamed of himself, after knowing Gali was more ripped than him.
  • Ekimu told Gali to go back to the kitchen.
  • If Gali had children, she would force her boys to change their gender.
  • Gali has cheated numerous of times in swimming competions. Often by using water propellers.
  • Despite being anti-male, she is often seen drawing Tahu x Onua or Tahu x Kopaka fan art.
  • She often seen making obscure fan theories on characters being trans-gender on Tumblr.
  • She is triggered everytime she sees a man spreading his legs.
  • She is addicted to Starbucks.
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