Gelu was a fat Glatorian who was unfit and eventually had to retire because he was so fat. He spends his time pigging out in Mcdonalds and stuffing himself with food which he has not discovered is actually napkins.

He is also known to have gone to the coffee shop in Karda Nui and been mistaken for a pig that was eating everything in the store room. He was shot with a tranquilizer and sent to Africa, where he currently is. Since his arrival on the island, Gelu went mad with hunger and became a caniball after eating Telluris and Sahmad, he had a disease that ate away all his fat and cured him of his ravenous hunger. He walked around Bara Magna looking for Agori to beat up. He got so fat from 1,000 Big Macs that he had a stroke.

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