Makuta Icarax was the song writer for the Makuta rock band. he got bored though and became the bass player instead. He liked to play beaterator and patapon for the psp and made a bunch of ridiculously awesome bass lines. Playing beaterator is how most of the songs he wrote came into existence.

He went insane for a short period of time when his psp ran out of batteries. The charger for it was lodged in his bass amplifier in order to make it work. He pried it out with his staff of pasta blammers (witch allowed him to control pasta). He is still the bass player that lives a fairly normal life other than the fact that he goes insane every time his psp runs out of batteries. When Makuta Teridax brought Roodaka back to life by shoving chocolate down her throat, it turns out that the so called "chocolate" was actually Icarax's psp he went on a short rampage killing roodaka by choking her with pasta and retrieving the psp. Then got the idea to kill the jonas brothers because they are a terrible band so he stole roodaka's Lincoln, then committed a drive by assault durring one of their concerts. He shot high velocity meatballs at them from the staff of pasta killing three people two of the Jonas brothers and the beloved voice actor of sonic the hedgehog Ryan Drummond. He later crashed the car and killed the third Jonas brother. He survived and hid the bodies in the Mcdonalds that Vezok worked at.

Icarax then became a bartender in Metru Nui. It has been confirmed that in his spare time, Icarax likes to watch mobile suit gundam seed and biker mice from mars in Japanese. This was the only thing that was on his bar TV so everyone left and he never made any money.

After two years of not having any money to pay his taxes he owed the IRS $50,000. He then went on a mission to destroy the IRS. It was an epic failure he got arrested just for walking into the front door of the IRS headquarters. But he paid no attention to the law beat up the cops and drove away back to the makuta base. Icarax later replaced antroz as the lead guitarist after antoz's death.

Icarax later made a $10,000,000,000,000,000 bet that he could out rock Dragonforce and won.                          He is currently trying to find a way to see John Cena.

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