Jaller was an unpopular little Matoran who loved watching the 'Cats musical'. He became drastically unpopular when he was picked in the audience and asked what was a "Jellicle cat." Jaller responded "A cat that eats Jelly?" Jaller was then kicked out of the theatre and banned for life as he caused the cast to start laughing in the middle of the play.
Some time later, he was hunted down by Bill Gates and stabbed. He then died in Takua's arms but later farted himself back to life. He then challenged Tahu in poker and was pwned.

Jaller was also an acomplished computer hacker he liked to hack evrything from peoples msn and xbox live accounts to banking and millitary mainframes. Once he hacked hewkiis computer for the fun of it and found all of his internet pornography he downladed some but then got a virus from it witch crashed hewkiis computer. he got so mad that he firebombed hewkiis house.

One day Jaller drank a sunny D wich transformed him into a toa wich proves you relly cant match the power packed taste of sunny D.

His equipment as a toa inika included a samuri sword a radioactive goop launcher and the great mask of wifi wich allowed him to allways have wifi wherever he is and hack other peoples wifis. One day jaller took all of the inika scuba diving in a toxic ocean they all got mutated. His equipment changed to a lightsaber eged claymore sword a six barreld bazooka canon a free triple cd changer even though nobody uses them anymore. And the kanohi usless great mask of ipad this mask had all the funtions of an ipad except the fact it did not work underwater. On the eve of matoros death jaller went on a freeking rampage destroying half on mahri nui and impaled mantax with pridaks severd head. The rest of the toa instead of taking him to an assylum took him to a bar instead where they all celabrated matoros death they all passed out at 4 AM central time.

===Kaxium Inciden

Cruel world

Jaller's death.


The following morning jaler was hungover and decided it would be agood idea to reuild the kaxium cycle. So he called up is old friend takua and they went to the grand canyon where the kaxium had crashed. Jaller did not see the point of walking down so he and takua jumped into the 5000 foot hole not realizing that kills people. Jallers final words were complaining about the expensive gas takua bought while in Utah and how it was 12 cents cheaper 40 miles down the road. Takuas final words was telling jaller that in 40 miles they would have ran out of gas and a complaint about cell phone reception out west. Kirbraz later found the bodies when he went to rebouild the kaxium.

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