Kanohi Masks were a bunch of extremely awesome masks that no one wanted so they all threw them away in the same dumpster causing it to explode and making 12 people part dumpster. Well that sentence was useless. They were created by Taco Bell so that they could actually be successful at making kids meals. Everyone found out that the masks were real and decided to put them on. Taco Bell made no money of this.

Here is a list of them:

Kanohi Cinos: Allowed people to run at awesome speeds backwards

Kanohi: Wall-e: Allowed the wearer to become an aging incompetent robot that likes trash. But He's still funny so that redeems it!

Kanohi It: Allowed people to destroy clowns, whether they are demented or not.

Kanohi ummm.....


Kanohi Retardos: Allows user to feel what it's like to be retarded

Kanohi Wacksalot: Allows user to summon hammers out of nowhere. Many times the hammer fell on the user so watch out!

Kanohi dumb@$$: Allows user to take their pants off in public while singing Animaniacs songs.

Kanohi Hurtugood: Allows people to hurt other people but get hurt in return. Not very useful.

Kanohi Cantaford: Allows user to run out of money right before an important event. Also known as Kanohi inconveinient.

Kanohi Thissucks: allows user to force macho guys play with barbies in public.

Kanohi Edwildie: allows user to hurl any twighlight character of their choice off a cliff.

Kanohi Bribargas: allows user to, what does that word mean?

Kanohi Uwilshutupordiemisrably: Name says it.

Kanohi generic: The generic mask that doesn't really do anything except change its own batteries. Yes, they need batteries.

Kanohi Duracel: Makes Energizer and Rayovak look bad.

Kanohi freemickiedsfood: Allows user to turn invisible so they can slip in a Mcdonalds and steal food. Didn't work with any other restaurant.

Kanohi deathwish: Allows user to die miserably.

Kanohi Framamama: Allows user to annoy the crap out of anyone by quoting various annoying lines.

Kaqnohi uhhh....


Kanohi runinoutaideas: Yes I am.

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