Kapura failed school and was evicted from his home. He thought that it was a good idea to beg outside of a McDonalds for food. That dream ended when someone kicked him in the teeth, causing him to lose the abilit to chew. Anyone who came outside of the Mc Donalds always saw a bum begging for a milkshake. The police came by one day and shot him because they had nothing else to do. Kapura managed to survive and made his way into a Frankenmuth and was shot again. Then he destroyed a Burger King because their motto had the word upset in it. Later in his miserible life, he wanted to become a toa. He was shot again.

He later succeeded in making a movie, but he still had bullets in him. A doctor refused to help him until he was paid. Unfortunately, Kapura forgot his bank account number, and was left to slowly die. Everyone at McDonalds had a party because he was finally dead. Life seemed to be better after his riddance.

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