"I'm Gonna Attack You With My Rainbow Colored Chainsaw!!!"
-Kirbraz. threatening Kirop for not paying for his pizza
Species Agori
Group None
Colors blues, silver
Element Drool
Occupation Pilot
Tools None
Location Fart City
Status Stupified
Other Information
Favoutie movie/Tv series South Park
Favourite Bands Mika
Favourite Books/Series Captain Underpants
Pronunciation C-ear-brass

Kirbraz was an Agori in the Water Tribe. He became the pilot of the Kaxium V3 by delivering pizzas to random people in the Bionicle world. While be did this, he would attack people who didn't tip him with various different chainsaws. When Berix got fired, Scodonius started stalking Kirbraz and cracking lame jokes about putting his broken foot down. Scodonius bugged Kirbraz so much that he tortured him into letting him ride in the Kaxium V3, where Scodonius totally messed up, crashed, and seriously injured the spines of them both. Kirbraz then was sent to the emergency room to recieve an unessacary liver transplant and to be slapped in the splean. He then ate a gopher and discovered food poisoning.

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