"Swag, YOLO, SWAGYOLO, I got too much Swag yo!"- Words often used by Kivi


A portrait of this annoying scumbag Matoran.

Kivi- Is an annoying scumbag, and is the only person in the entire matoran universe who still thinks Swag and YOLO is cool and hip. Kivi has a terrible disease known as "Swagitis/Yoloitis", which makes a person say Swag or YOLO in every sentence. Even after the god of canon (Greg Farshtey) made love uncanon, Kivi still tried to get Ga-Matorans. 

"Guuuurrrrrrrrrrl, your hotness makes me vapor Swagyolo!" 

The only reason why Kivi made boats, was to stalk his crush Marka, who also made boats. For many hundreds of years Kivi tried to impress Marka, only to be rejected thousands of times. When he didn't stalk Marka, he would normally either stalk MackuHahliAmaya or Kailani. 

"Dawg, i just got Friendzoned!"- Kivi                                                                                                                     "I wouldn't even consider you a friend!"- Marka's reply in the background.

When he didn't spend time stalking Ga-matorans creepily, he made poor attemps at rapping or listen to crappy pop music or rap from Metru nui. Way too often he would play it so loudly, that everyone in Po-koro could hear it.