Kongu was an ugly little plagiarist who liked to copy stuff. He was been known to read Daren Shan books, which probebly explains how he got into a lawsuit for remodling his face and claiming he was a character from the Vampire saga by Darren Shan. The lawsiut ended abruptly when he faked his own death and ran away to Mexico where he lived with Dalu for 3 years.

When he became a Toa by falling into a vat of toxic waste. He emerged as what every Ga-Matoran bielives is the hottest bionicle ever. His highlight was the Great Mask of Funk. This allowed him to accomplish insane dance moves and sing better than Michael Jackson. He was loved by everybody except for the other Toa who hated him because he got all the publicity.


The face Kongu plagiarised!

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