Protector of Earth
"You've got pecs that would make a momma proud, ya' handsome hunk!" Korgot trying to seduce Onua

Korgot- Is a protecter of earth obsessed with Onua , and is often seen trying to seduce him. 


"I would like to play some sweet music with that clarinet of yours!"- Incredibly uncomfortable comments often made by Korgot

Before the arrival of Onua, Korgot would desperately go around in search of male partners physically stronger than her. Unfortunately for her, most male villagers feel uncomfortable around her, due to the fact she has way more bulk than most male villagers. Sometimes she has even been mistaken for being a man. 

When Onua arrived she was immediately attracted by Onua. Finally a male partner stronger than her, despite the fact he had a terrible onion breath. Throughout the journey she would constantly try to seduce Onua, which made Onua feel uncomfortable multiple times. At one point she even tried to marry Onua, but was rejected. 

After the Onua's rejection, she considered taking Tahu instead, but dropped the idea after she heard rumors of Tahu and Onua being a couple. 


Korgot acts like your stereotypical middleaged black woman, and she is always desperate after trying some of that "biological reproduction", but so far she has not achieved that. Korgot is never interested on the inside, when she is looking for male partners.