Lesovikk was a Toa of Burps who could not stop burping. He was about to ask out Nokama when he burped on her by accident. He then turned into a goth and became depressed until he became so sick of life that he stuck a match to his behind and blew it off. He now has to walk around like a crab. This annoyed Carapar, who summoned all of the characters from Family Guy to destroy him. Saddly, they all died trying to come out of the TV and leaving Carapar with no army.

Later on, after a plasic sugeon had fixed his body, Lesovikk learned that his friend Nikila had been killed by one of Pouks's drugged-chickens. He was, to say the least, ticked off so he went on a drinking spree and wound up at the Toa Mahri's party that they were throwing in celebration of Matoro's death. He was thrown out of the bar at 4 AM with the rest of the toa and went to Mcdonalds to try to sober up. It was there he purchased a hambuger that wouldn't stop talking to him and sounded like Nikila.

He thouht he was going insane, but the Psychiatrist told him he was drunk and to forget about it. Lesovikk threw the hamburger in the garbage where it was found by Berix.

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