These are the locations in the Un-bionicle universe


  1. Hippy Land - An island where the residents are re-educated into becoming hippies.
  2. Gangster Land - An island belonging to all the fat-cat gangsters.
  3. Mata Nui - A tropical island that serves as the vacation area where everyone goes for their holidays.
  4. Metru Nui - A polluted city full of smoke, dust and McDonalds restraunts
  5. Voya Nui - A small island floating near Hawaii
  6. Mahri Nui - An underwater trash heap
  7. Karda Nui - A big stalegtite that fell in a swamp, making a very big SQUELCH sound.
  8. Xia - A large island that plagiarised Metru Nui and polluted itself.
  9. Destral - The Brotherhood of Makuta crib. The band stays here and throws ill-gotten trash everywhere.
  10. Odina - A large island inhabited by the Dark Hunters.

More coming soon!

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