Mahri-Nui once part of North America with Voya-nui but the residents thought that America's taxes were too high, so they desstroyed the land connecting the two together and broke off.
With Voya-Nui still attached to it the two cities became close to each other until Voya-nui started dumping it's trash on Mahri-nui, this attracted Ehlek. As the amount of rubbish increased Mahri-Nui became heavier and heavier until it just sapped in half and sunk, bringing with it Ehlek, trash, a few screaming Matoran and more trash. The Matoran of Voya-Nui still drop their trash where Voya-Nui once was and the survivers resisting in a massive fart bubble rely on their rubbish to fashion as ammunition for their Play-Doh blasters.

The citisens have recently been sued by Disney for copying their idea of the City of Atlantis's appearence. However the Matoran bribed the Barraki to kill Walt Disney.


  • The massive Fart bubble, that houses the survivers, was created when

       Takadox tricked Mantax into eating a whole box of chocolat laxatives.

  • The Birraki are helping Bp clean up the oil spill.
  • National Geograghic is sueing the Birraki for looking like sea animals. Pridak responded:...What? What did you say?
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