Mata Nui (God)

800px-Mata Nui glatoran wallpaper

Species : Rock
Group : Various
Kanohi : The Great Mask of Life
Colors : Grey
Element : STONE...wait, probably pebble
Occupation : Fake God
Tools : Ugliness
Location : On a beach somewhere
Status : Spazzing out
Pronunnciation : Ma-tuh New-ee

Mata Nui is the God of all Bionicles. But hes just a stone. So every bionicle is worshipping a FREAKING stone that really represents a 7,575 MILE SUPER ROBOT. Confusing eh?

No wonder so many Bionicle characters hate him, and stood up to him. Why do think the Order of Mata Nui Haters was made? Eventually, the Brotherhood of Makuta hated his guts, well parts, so much they drugged his coffee and he fell into a deep sleep. In his sleep he was a small 4-foot stone which could do nothing else than spazz out. Once an Agori, namely Scodonius thought that the stone looked so gay that he decided to take his anger out on it. Bad mistake. He broke his foot because he was weak as weiner dog poop.

But that drug was also killing him, which is why the Toa are searching for Ignika or the mask of waking-up-big-robot-gods-to-save-them. But the mask keeps escaping, because it doesn't want to wake up a stone. The Ignika was too busy with other things and sneezing because so many people talked about it. Too right it is.

Unfortunately, the lonely little 4-foot stone stone known as Mata Nui suddenly became a Transformer-like robot and held a universe inside him. That was a massive setback for the Makuta, for they were annoyed with the point Mata Nui was 7,575 miles long, and they were just 15-feet tall. Especially annoyed with his dancing in space (as he did so, several Great Spasms occured).

He then had a talk with Makuta about becoming stupid. During the talk ,they drugged him.

The Makuta then took the Ignika and played baseball with it until Teridax hit a home run. He then landed on Bara Manga and the Makuta were happy he was now so short. Then he started doing the "Robot". The Agori then saw him as a stupid freak with a pet beetle and started chasing him, with Ackar leading the angry mob.

They soon caught him and took out his gay brain and replaced with an even gayer one. Mata Nui then performed such bad dance moves it made Turaga look good when compared to him. He was eventually eaten by the Matoran Nui, and was thrown back up. The acidic puke made him extremely unhealthy. He was later eaten by Maylox Max for stealing his Wii. 

Recent studies show that Chuck Norris might have lost a skin cell, and it mutated, losing most of its badassery in the process. This skin cell might have turned to stone, and become Mata Nui. This is a theory, derived from internet jokes and memes, as well as Bionicle lore.

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