McDonalds was a restaurant that was everywhere. It's owner was in fact Turaga Dume. It nearly went out of buisness because of Ehrye's parasite inducing Thornax Stew.


Vezok serving kazi

Vezok serving Kazi

Known EmployeesEdit

  • Vezok - Cashier - Fired for shooting the original Ronald McDonald.
  • Pouks - Fry cook - Fired for using his Kanohi Blahbo to copy KFC's food and for posting this poster.
  • Ehrye-Fry cook and janitor- He is trying to find his Toilet. Was the main creator of Thornax Stew, and it's failure. Now has many lawsuits against him for parasites caused by the food. 

RMcD in BK

Pouk's poster that got him fired

Known logosEdit

  • Ronald McDonald (1) - killed by Vezok
  • Ronald McDonald (2) - the origional Ronald McDonald's replacement, was played by Johnny Depp
  • Vezok - Formerly played the Ham Burgler until he shot the original Ronald McDonald.

Top suckers customersEdit