DJ Melum playing his sick beats

Melum, a.k.a DJ Melum- Is an highly successful DJ, rapper, motivational speaker and creature of ice. He joined Kopaka and the rest of his team, in order to make Ekimu become dictator of Okoto again.


"Kopaka you smart, you very smart, you're noble, you're pure, you're just. I appreciate that. Go buy Izotor a hut. Go buy your whole village some huts."- Melum motivating Toa Kopaka

Like every other elemental creature he was created when the island of Okoto was created. In the first few million years Melum didn't do that many thing besides being a creature of ice (and farming melons). Fortunately for him, things finally seemed to change when a group of Piraka refugees from L.S.D (Legit, States of, Drugs) appeared on the island.

Becoming a rapper Edit

Inspired by the Skakdi rap-culture, Melum aspired to become a rapper. Few months later he joined a gang of Skakdi rappers called the "9 out of 11". After five years of rapping, the rap group split up due to tension between indviduals, always being pranked by cheap prankers, Melum being too busy with farming melons and smoking too much marijuana while not doing anything. 

Tired of the old "tryhard" edgy style, Melum began the quest of creating a new innovative style for the music industry.

"What is this blasphemy?!? The music isn't depressive nor dark, the lyrics are non-cringy and upbeat! And the style and attitude is... Dare i say it?... CONFIDENT?!?..."-Bingzak's commentary on Melum's new musical style'

Unfortunately for Melum, the music and style was deemed too "cool" and non-edgy for the Bingzakian empire. Melum was soon banished from the Bingzakian empire, for possibly making their population stop being edgy 

The well known song that made bingzak start WW3 Edit

Melum, after being banned for making non edgy music, decide to make a song called "Bingzak the lego maniac", a non edgy song, making The dark lord look childish.

BINGZAK replied with anger, he tried to assassinate melum, after, one of the dark lords musicians made the edgy song called " BINGZAK the psychomaniac" ., BINGZAK, after hearing the song, he was pleased, and gave the musician his own band known as "the edgy singers".


(To e continued...)Edit

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