Thunder and lightning

Mutran's untimely demise

"Damn you, Weather forecaster! You told me it was sunny outside!"
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-Mutran's last words, spoken mere moments before his death.

Mutran was a former member of the brother hood of makuta who was known for his "Mad scientist" like personality. Mutran was originally the brother hood's "Chief scientific advisor" and was responsible for the creation of creatures such as the original six Rahkshi and the infamous Kikanalo monster. Later, it was discovered that Mutran had performed unethical experiments involving leeches and matoran, and was fired. However, Mutran was secretly able to create his very own minion, a stupid shadow matoran named Vican who sported a hunched figure and a uniquely transylvanian accent. Mutran managed to slip under the radar by establishing a lab in an abandoned region of le-metru, and created a gigantic living plant monster known as the Morbuzahk as a guard dog. From then on, he continued to work on his various experiments until he was killed while attempting to install a television antenna on the roof of his lab during a lightning storm.

He was also diagnosed with diabetes.

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