"'SNIFF! There's a big difference between geeks and nerds! Geeks would wait for hours to watch Star Wars but Nerds would wait for hours to watch Star Wars AND dress up as Luke Skywalker!"
— -Nuju trying to impress Nokama

Nuju was quite possible the world's biggest Star Wars fan. He and Piruk would constantly argue which was better, Star Wars or X-Men. He tried molesting garan after garan stupidly blabbed that star trek was the superior fictional universe. He Thought that Princess Leia was sexy and tried to get a picture of her as a slave, so he could masturbate to it once in a secluded place. Nuju could always be found attending comic conventions and buying half-eaten pieces of meatloaf that the store owner claimed had been eaten by Mark Hamill.

Nuju could also speak a horrible pigeon-italian.

Nuju OB1

Nuju in his OB1 Kenobi costume

Nuju cards

Nuju buying a piece of meat loaf at a comic book convention

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