Onua (a.k.a Onya)- Is a toa of earth and onions, and is one of the most popular pop-singers/rappers of Okoto. 


Onua the toa of earth and onions


Onua was born in a poor onion farmer family, and for the majority of his life the only thing his family could afford to eat was onions. 

As a child, Onua was always picked on for his terrible onion breath and for having a voice that made him sound dumb, despite being the most intelligent of the six Toa. 

The bullying at one point got so bad, that he stopped eating onions. 

The suffering ended, when Onua at one faithful night received a vision from a green ogre who told him to:"Embrace the onion.". The next day Onua was confronted by the same bullies again, but this time he fended off with his mighty onion breath. After that incident he was never bullied by anyone at the school again. This experience is also one of the many reasons why Onua is a devout Shrekist/Brogreist. 

Many years later his home planet was invaded by anthromorphic onions, who conquered the planet because they were heavily offended by the large consumption of onions. 

Onua managed to escape the planet, but his whole family was unfortunately killed by the Onion race. Onua then received another vision from Shrek, who told him to save his planet from the evil Onion race, whom he no longer considered his children, because they had betrayed him so many times. 

Life in OkotoEdit

Upon arrival on Okoto Onua is greeted by the protector of Earth Korgot, who constantly tried to seduce him during the journey of finding the of OP/MacGuffin mask of earth. 

Despite being both the most wise and intelligent person of the toa team, almost everybody thinks he is incredibly dumb because of his voice. If Onua recommends the power of unity, his fellow toa would often dismiss it as something incomptent and useless. For this reason the toa team often failed on multiple occasions. 

Ekimu :" Toa, have you forgotten everything about unity? Only together can we stop the evil forces of Makuta and Bingzak !"

Onua:" I told ya'!"

Ekimu :" No wait, that sounds like communism... You know what? Stay separated instead!"

Fortunately for Toa Onua his toa team finally started to listen to his advice, since Ekimu's leading choices were even worse than the choices the toa team (minus Onua) made. However they kept Ekimu around, since he was extremely OP even without the mask of creation, he knew the city of mask makers very well, and because they were forced to make him become dictator again.

Life as an popular singerEdit

(To be continued)...

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