Osama bin Pohatu
le australian islamic terrorist

History: Edit

Pohatu bin laden was the leader of the islamic australian rebelion. He was a jew , which the dictator ekimu despised, but after he took all that weed to cure his ebola, his accent became australian. Pohatu dispesided skopios, but mainly zesk and vorox, which created the twin skorpion towers, were all drug addicted and drunk skorpios went to be drug lords. Pohatu's hate for skorpios made him cause 9/11, which the president known as Georgo Bush Skorpio (the drugged dumb president) was in vacation on okoto to get more crack. During Georgo's vacation, pohatu sent some islamic po-terrorist, to the Legit states of drugs, to fly some planes into the towers. During 9/11, many cows died of cancer. But after Ketarack Obama became the new president of L.S.D , he sent the Skorpion Seals to Kill Pohatu bin laden. On 9/11/2011, Pohatu was killed By the Skorpion seals with cows. Pohatu is belived to have been incarnated by the 3 pigeons of deux ex machina, and became the leader of isis


1.Pohatu hated skorpios, but he likes to eat them. 2.Pohatu was one of the jew's that survived the mask maker holocaust. 3.Pohatu always liked to yell "ALLAHU AKBARNUI" 4.Out of all of the 6 Toa, Pohatu is known to praise to BINGZAK  5. Pohatu on every review of his brilliance, was rated 9/11

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