"OK. I'll watch your washing machine for you!"
— Pridak babysitting a washing machine.

Pridak was a hostile and intolerant person who decided it would be fun to beat up a Mcdonalds employee when he said to him, "Have a nice day sir".


Despite all of this, Pridak actually was smarter than his classmates and had to go to collage before them. Desperate for money, he took a job babysitting washing machines for people. He would often put rocks in them or bits of metal while its owners were out. On one occasion he put himself in a washing machine, turned it on and was killed as it ripped him apart. The couple who's washing machine he was babysitting were surprised to find their laundry stained red. He never got paid and his ghost came back to haunt them until he got possibly the worst idea since the linux operating system. Pridak then proceded to try to posses lessovik, a person with enough problems without pridak screwing around with his head. It ended badly to say the least when lessovik got an exorcism pridak's spirit emeged possesed the body of Vladimir Lenin. It worked but all the body can do is dance the thriller and speak russian. And so pridak's problem remained.

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