Sahmad was an Agori in an unknown tribe(now known as the pumpkin tribe). This tribe fell victim to a disease called Swine Flu. Luckily, the disease lay dormant in him and he didn't get it because he washed his hands. He became a salesman in Bara Magna and started riding around on a motor bike, delivering live pigs, which he strapped to the back.

He was arrested for animal abuse after strapping four live pigs to the back of his bike and was sent to jail. However, the pigs had liked being abused and belly-flopped on the roof until it caved in, and allowing him to escape.

He then went to Africa on holiday, where he was ambushed by Gelu and eaten alive. Before he died, the Swine Flu that lay dormant in him passed onto Gelu, giving him Swine Flu and curing him of his hunger, making him burp Sahmad's corpse back out.