"I'm a pretty little fairy princess! You! Do my Algebra Homework!"
-Scodonius daydreaming while screaming at Berix
Set Scodonius
Species Agori
Group None
Colors blues, silver
Element Sweat
Occupation pilot
Tools None
Location Graveyard
Status Dead
Other Information
Favoutie movie/Tv series Hannah Montana
Favourite Bands Flying Nerds of Death
Favourite Books/Series Milly Molly Mandy
Pronunciation S-co-doh-n-E-us

Scodonius was an Agori in the Water Tribe. Scodonius liked to beat up smaller Agori in his tribe, like Berix. When Berix died, Scodonius desided to take his anger out on a rock, so he kicked the rock and broke his foot. He then started stalking Kirbraz and cracking lame jokes about putting his broken foot down. He bugged Kirbraz so much that he tortured him into letting him ride in the Kaxium V3, where he totally messed up, crashed and injured them both.

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