The Skrall were a messed up race on Bara Magna. They dreamt of taking over a big dessert. Their appearence can be blamed on the amount of drugs they have to take to allow them to survive. However most dress like this because most are messed up gangsters who think Al Capone is cool!

The Skrall's leader, Tuma, copied Hitler's idea of the Nazis and made all Skrall carry shields, have black and red armour, red eyes, take drugs, and look like gangsters! Tuma recently sent his army of Skrall to take over Atero. The Skrall won by falling dead on their enemies and by dying on top of each other, crushed their victims. The Skrall are now running around wildly in Atero, demanding the residents give them each a rubber duck every day or they will threaten to give them a wedgie!

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