Solek was a racist Doctor Who obsessed Av-Matoran. He was a nerdy little comic book lover and spent his spare time either:

  • Sending hate mail to Freema Agyeman and Bille Piper.
  • Tracking down David Tennant for an autograph.
  • Trying to build his own Sonic Screwdriver.
  • Watching series 4 over and over again, (each time crying at the death of Donna Noble).
  • Trying to find out all the dirt on Matt Smith.
  • Crying because series 5 will not be released until 2010!
  • Vandalising the Doctor Who Wiki.
  • Praying to the genius of Russell.T.Davies.
  • Collecting the Doctor Who stickers.
  • Picking his nose trying to find some boogers that looked like the Slitheen.
  • Trying to buy All of the Doctor Who DVDS on blu-ray on ebay for less than $2.00.
  • Spaming a Doctor Who video on Youtube.
  • Seeing if there's any of the cracks in time on his wall.
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