An ugly hippy that eats Carrots. Takanuva owns a small carrot farm by his dwelling with piece signs all over the farm. He thinks the piece signs scare off the Rahi for some reason. He hides a torch under his mud-stained hands and claims that light is his element! He recently got a heart attack by eating a half eaten carrot {the other half was eaten by one of the drugged chickens}. He was found and given half eaten foods destroyer tablets and said he must have three per day limited 21 per week. He tried it and it cured him and left to visit Jodanre who given him the tablets. He was gien the following objects: Healfe Carrot Trackers, Plumbers Badge, Trackers gear and Secirity cameras, finally he left to go home. He will be on the hunted ones place atho he isn't wanted. Finally, he had a rest. He once ate a Matoran Nui to protect himself and his carrots.

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