"Please Help: Homeless nerd too poor to afford a retainer"

-A transcript from one of Tanma's many cardboard signs.

In the alternate universe known as the Stupidity verse, Tanma was a nerdy Av-matoran who had and unfortunate obsession with television. Tanma was originally a homeless lowlife without a purpose who lived in a cardboard box in metru nui. However, after watching the first episode of Firefly on a TV set in the window of a Radio Shack, Tanma decided to dedicate his life to watching the entire series. But firefly was canceled after just 14 episodes, and Tanma sank into a deep depression, only recovering when Radio shack started screening Star Trek reruns. One day, while Tanma was walking by the local movie theater, he noticed a poster for a Firefly movie. He was so excited by his discovery that he fainted on the spot, only coming to when a stray dog tried to pee on his inert body. He managed to collect enough money for a ticket by becoming a street performer. Unfortunately for him, he sucked at dancing and failed miserably at being a mime, but still received money out of pity. As soon as Tanma had found enough money, he then ran to the movie theater as fast as his little legs could carry him. But, while watching the movie, tragedy struck: Tanma's all time favorite character, Wash, was killed. Upon his death, Tanma burst into tears and fled the theater, crying his little eyes out all the way. Tanma was deeply scarred by the experience, and was compelled to stand on a street corner for a month holding a cardboard sign with the words " wash died for our sins" scrawled on it with a magic marker. Many gullible motorists assumed that Tanma was advertising a car wash, and so he was mainly ignored. Tanma was eventually arrested by the police for loitering, and was institutionalized, where he remains to this day.

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