The Archives was an underground zoo/presidential file storage facility in Onu-metru that was sponsored by McDonalds. Dumb Matoran who had nothing better to do with their lives came here to blow off their hard-earned money and torture the zoo animals by prodding them with Kolhii Staffs. Mavrah came down a few times, than thought the Rahi giraffe was too ugly, and went crazy, strangling every animal in sight. Ehrye once came down to visit, on his break from McDonalds. He tried to feed the Rahi bulls his Thornax Stew, which caused them to run rampand and shoot exploding parasites out of their snouts. This destroyed more than half the archives, including the Matoran First Lady's recipies for mashed potatoes. She got so mad she sued Onu-Metru, but they couldn't pay the debt since one of the bulls decided to eat and burn all the money savings of The Archives. The whole place is currently a burning mass of crumbled concrete and paper surrounded by random Rahi. It is currently the main base for the Order Of Hobos. They are said to hide out in the ruins of the mashed potato recipie vault. 

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