The Order of Hobos (OoH) was an organization that was founded by Toa Norik. The Order of Hobo's dedicated role was to show pictures of Dark Hunters fighting in the Brotherhood/Dark Hunter-battle of the bands while getting hit by watermelons, to the homeless Matoran. They are also know to have created the 'Mahri-Manas' an aquatic rahi fish that throws up beetroots that mutate into Hobos, hence creating more hobos and stuffing the streets with the homeless. They are also known for spamming the world by hiring Brutaka. Their rumored base is said to be the destroyed mashed potato recipie vault in the wrecked Archives.

Known membersEdit

Current membersEdit

  • Toa Norik, (leader) Sits around on his throne all day watching Mr. Bean and copying the jokes.
  • Toa Gaaki, (second in command) Sits around shouting at gukko birds. She is in charge of having them executed because only being birds, they can't be hung, so she created a new method of torture. "Death by Educational Television!"
  • Brutaka - a member who was a mass-computer spammer.
  • Ehrye - a member who copied his jokes from "Whose line is it anyway?"

A hobo who Brutaka is trying to help

Former membersEdit

  • Kodan: Was suposed to watch over Metru-Nui until he was crushed by a cow that was thrown at him by the Dark Hunter known as "Eliminator" for showing 'that embarrassing picture of him, some shaving foam, a cursed doggy dung, and a flying Lama!
  • Matoran Nui: Was supposed to guard the tent until he went off and started to eat everyone. It stopped when he died in Takanuva's intestines.
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