The Shadowed one is the leader of the Dark hunters, the largest Gang in the Matoran Universe. He wears the Great Kanohi mask of x-men which allows him to have claws and laser vision. He also has been geneticly mutated by falling into a vat of toxic waste with a bird and a salt shaker. The result eded up giving him wings (which often gave him the worst cramps ever) and crystal armor and powers from the salt shaker. Since he had no real skills other than killing people he started a gang which wound up bieng the largest drug and weapon dealership to date.

Soon afterward a gang war errupted when the brotherhood of makuta decided to keep two hired hunters and returned them as heroin addicts.

The base of opperations is on Odina at the famous "We do not sell drugs or weapons here" nightcub and cassino.

Since he has taken power Spongebob has tried to assasinate him on multiple occasions making the shadowed one quite paronoid so he turrend the casino into a fortress. His real name is Steve although any one who says this in forced to watch mama mia for 48 hours. If that does not kill them they are forced to watch carebears for 12 hous wich will most certainly kill anyone.

It has been confirmed that it was Vakama who droped him into the toxic waste.

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