A Piraka of Corn. Thok was created when Toa Nuparu used the spear of fusion on a Skakdi. He won a Waja car in a contest only to have it stolen by Antroz. Thok then tryed to find Antroz on a pogo-stick. It has been confirmed that Antroz has wrecked Thok's Waja car by spilling Nacho-cheese sause on the controls. When Thok heard this he ditched his pogo-stick and stole a Ga-matran's bike. He is now cycling around the world on a ga-matoran's bike trying to find Antroz. A gang then forced him to trade the bike for a cut up Doller bill. He found out that Antroz crashed his car when Thok saw a crashed car at a Nacoh store.


  • Thok is currently saving up for a great big, pink, flowery helmet so he can look even wierder.
  • Thok is also being hunted by a village of Matoran as he burped in their turaga's face after eating three happy meals and drinking seventeen bottles of prune juice at once in Mcdonalds!
  • He took Antroz's Nacohs at his crashed car.
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