The Towa ineeka were stupid matoran transformed into Toa and liked to scare matoran so they could laugh at them when they peed their pants. They scared piruk and he got so scared he literally jumped out of his mask, forcing him to wear the mask he wears now. They loved to play laser tag, except they called it "layzor tag" and they used real laser guns and one time, they got too competitive and killed vezon, who was walking his pet fenrakk.

Toa Mahri The Toa Mahri loved to swim but jaller forgot to plug in his oxygen tubes and drowned in the water. Nuparu was angry at hewkii for not teaching him how to swim and was eaten by eels. Kongu went insane and used his dual mini guns to shoot everyone to pieces, even bling kalmah, injuring takadox, killing mantax, crippling carapar by shooting his knees until they fell apart and defeating pridak in a showdown. Only ehlek survived. Matoro died when the ignika sucked his soul out.

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