The Toa metru were matoran transformed into Toa against their will and they failed to stop teridax destroying metru nui.

History Using tricks, teridax locked dume in a matoran sphere and impersonated him. There were plenty of witnesses but they were too stupid to call the police and vakama was even stupid enough to listen to Teridax and began crafting a mask of time.

A month ago Everyone except lihkan died after being killed on a mission and he was accused of theft after being caught stealing toa stones and gave them to random matoran in order to trick the police but the dark hunters went after lihkan anyway. Teridax was one step ahead of lihkan but he was stupid enough to choose the prophesied matoran to become Toa. Those matoran later transformed into the Toa metru and grabbed some tools and random disks.

The great cataclysm Expecting to become heroes, they gave the disks to teridax, but he didn't want them so he filled his arena with matoran gladiators and rahi. When the Toa failed, vakama got angry and attacked the referee, leading to his arrest by the vahki. He later received a 10 year sentence, having robbed a bank as a matoran.

Escaping the prison After receiving news of the other Toa sealing teridax, he broke out of prison and met up with them, however when they rested at a cave, mavrah threw dirt at the Toa metru and ordered his krahli and Rahi to kill them, then eat them but onewa used his stone powers to crush everyone, but trapped the Toa metru in the cave doing so except nokama who was attacking the Rahi after it bit her.

The rescue Noticing the state of the city, nokama ran to the archives and saw that the creatures had escaped from the zoo. Rogue vahki ambushed nokama and attacked her, however, she shorted out their circuits with water and was captured by visorak spiders and mutated into a Toa Hordika. She later defeated sidorak, poisoned roodaka's food and cured herself with the help of keetongu. She later freed the Toa from the cave and left for mata nui.

Members Vakama,Toa of Fire. He wore the Huna, the worst mask of Revealing and used a rubber band. Nokama,Toa of Water. She wore the Rau, the worst mask of Dumbassery and used her toxic wee-wee. Matau, Toa of Air. He wore the Mahiki, the worst mask of Bad magic tricks and used his sliced off fingers as weapons. Onewa, Toa of Stone. He wore the Komau, the worst mask of Stupidity and used pistons. Nuju, Toa of Ice. He wore the Matatu, the worst mask of Laziness and used crystal meth. Whenua,Toa of Earth. He wore the Ruru, the worst mask of Blindness and used power drills.

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