Toa of fire possessed control over fire allowing them to do things such as roasting beef or shooting fireballs. However combat spells such as fireball or burning Phoenix requires the power to recharge after a battle.

Examples Creating blasts of fire Controlling fire Absorbing fire Detecting heat Only Toa could unleash nova blasts of fire Only the Toa nuva could set a timed fire blast

Combinations When combined with the power of air, a tornado of fire can be created. Fire and ice together make an instant seal. Lava or glass can be created by using fire with stone. In tandem with the power of earth, lava is created. Fire and water make steam. Glass is created when fire mixes with sand. Only the Toa and the krahka can combine their powers to make a protodermis seal as long as each wielder possesses a different element and light and/or shadow are not included.

Toa of fire Tahu Akamai Norik Jaller Dume Lihkan Vakama

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