Toa of water controlled water and were able to use it as they wish but their only real limitation was that they had to wait for their powers to recharge after they ran out.

Examples Creating water Manipulating water Absorbing water Only the Toa nuva could set timed blasts of water Only Toa could unleash water nova blasts(gali was the only Toa to do so in the realm of karzahni)

Combinations Water spouts can also be created from water and air. When combined with ice, hailstorms are created. When water is combined with fire,steam is created. Water and earth can work together and make mud. Any six Toa can make a protodemrmis cage.

Toa of water Helryx Gali Wairuha Gaaki Hahli Naho Tuyet Nokama

Trivia Regarding nova blasts, jaller would have created a nova fire blast, but cancelled it before it destroyed metru nui when the Toa Mahri were teleported after matoro sacrificed himself.

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