Toudo edgy

"If you believe in Mata Nui, then you must be retarded!"- Something often said by Toudo

"Right now i'm euphoric, not because of some stupid virtues made from a phony being like Mata Nui, but because i'm enlighted by my own pseudo intellectualism."- Toudo

Toudo- Was an edgy fedora athiest, who didn't believe in Mata Nui or the great beings. He often annoyed people by always preaching his hardcore athiesm, which triggered many Matorans around him. Sometimes he would even knock down a Mata Nui stone, and grab the stone that symbolized Makuta and shout:" HAIL MAKUTA!". Toudo started to believe Makuta existed during the invasion of Rahkshi, which also made him become a big fan of Brotherhood of Makuta, which he listened to everyday. He was banished from Ko-koro for blasphemy and just being a jerk in general. Later in his life he was stoned by some Po-matorans for saying:" Mata nui sleeping is just an excuse for him to not do anything" and claiming matorans evovled from Brakas.

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