"What do you mean Charlie Chaplin is dead? He is my hero! I LOVE YOUE CHARLIE!!!!!"
— Tuma screaming at a Skrall after watching 24 hours of Corronation Street

'Tuma, known as "Tumour" or even "Tuna", was the brutal leader of the Rock Tribe and the Skrall. He owned Roxtus and liked to plagiarise. He copied Hitler's idea of the Nazis and made all Skrall carry shields, have black and red armour, red eyes, take drugs, and look like emos! He recently sent his army of Skrall to take over Atero. The Skrall won by falling dead on their enemies and by dying on top of each other, crushed their victims. Tuma is currently in his throne room, watching a soap opera, with a bag of potato chips, a box of tissues, a brick so he can chuck it at the screen if an advert for High School Musical comes on, and a skrall shaving his hairy legs.

If a thornraxx got shot near him, he would use his spiky man chin to block it.

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