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Have you ever seen a lunatic/hypocrite? Well now you have if you're reading this, because the Featured article is... Ehrye! To learn more go to here.

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4th January 2008
An experiment goes wrong, and The evil dude is created as founding father of the wiki.
12th December 2008
Andrew1219 has fixed all the damage done by Toa Makao.
5th February 2009
We are partners with the Bionicle Reviews Wiki!
24th February 2009
Andrew1219 is a Sysop.
11th July 2009
Andrew1219 is a Buearacrat.

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  • Idris created Swine Flu.
  • Kyrehk swore at Obama for not changing the law so girls could be supreme dictators of the world.
  • Vezok killed Ronald McDonald.
  • Nidhiki ripped himself to pieces from the stress of not being able to know how to recharge it.
  • Thok is currently saving up for a great big, pink, flowery helmet
  • The Vorox have started attacking Glatorian by throwing pinapples at them, shooting them with Weeiner Dogs and getting their Zesk to poo on their doorsteps.
  • Avak stranggled Macku and Kotu with a $10 note.
  • Nokama traded her Math Book for Crack.
  • Jovan liked to stuff cotton up his nose.
  • Kirbraz would attack people with his rainbow colored chainsaw.

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