The unbionicle world is full of scum and villainy. There were real heroes at one time but they all died the most valiant, grusome, painfull and awesome looking deaths anyone has ever died. All to protect the great biengs who realy did'nt give a damn. These Idiots cared nothing about anything else but xbox live, call of duty, and Budweiser. One day the built two massive robots and had them fight in a big wreseling turnamate. They hoped they could make money off of people coming to wach the fight to pay thier electic bills. The outome in short was the robots rebeling and chasing the graet beings around the planet till they left never to be seen again. Amd wrecking the planet till bolth of the robots died and all of the people traped inside who were forced to work in them by the great biengs escaped and formed thier society and cities of the robot parts. the main society is metru nui it was made out of one of the robots brain the other cities anre made out of the other parts of both robots. The people are a bunch of messed up drugatics, gangsters, hippies and wierd people. in all of the cities there are people running around with machine guns killing each other for more teritory. The main things of value are drugs, guns, money, and Facebook.
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