The Piraka of Anger.

He worked in McDonalds and manned the cash register. He played the 'burger burglar' in most of the Mcdonalds. He was recently fired for shooting Ronald Mcdonald with his Harpoon gun. He then went on a rampage killing all of Kazi's workers and he then was about to kill Kazi but Kazi shot some crusty Undies KO-ing Thok. Botar tried to take Vezok to his anger-management class but Vezok threw Kazi at him and knocked him unconcious.

For doing this to a customer he was locked in the freezer of the restraunt and emurged several years later and completly stick thin from starvation. He later took a crap in the pantry, which was stumbled upon by Ehrye and used to make the dreaded Thornax Stew that made Mcdonalds go nearly out of business. As punishment he Vezok was forced to guard the restaurant from visorak

Vezok serving kazi

Vezok serving Kazi

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